2012 International Volunteer in Forest Bureau summer program

2012年8月25日 星期六

Last is not the End

August comes fast, it’s been 25 days passed and it makes me realized about the end date of National Forest Volunteer Program on August, 31. I won’t count my days here.. But I got a tons of experiences in these 2 months that I would like to share to you all.
I was so excited at the first to join this forest project, it shaped me a lot in these 2 months. It sounds hard indeed, work in the forest where you must stand under blazing of the sun and survive from the rain or wind, walk on the trail or sometimes you found some hurdle to pass, face to animals or sometimes you should touch them to recognize. Above all, the important things I got is knowledges! I never knew before about animal’s life how they eat, breath, survive in the forest, make their own house, breed, compete with another animal (Nature’s selection! as I remember that I learn it in elementary and just now I see the real). I never see before animals like squirrel, moles, birds such as: blue pheasant andJacana, some disgusting insects but, I’m very attract about their uniqueness (just because they’re so tiny and struggling for life).
I learn how to protect the environment. This part is such small things to learn but it’s like a big change habit for me when I come back to Indonesia. Easy thing like keep your trash when walking on the trail, help plants out from alien species, save animals from suffering.

In other hand, now I become more powerful :D. Rollback into 2 months before I was so weak like 50 years old people because I use more brain to work before. Now my brain and muscle are equal, why? I used to go everywhere by walk here, do some exercise by hiking and when I work in the office, my brain turns.
More, more and more experience is self development. I worked together with 5 peoples who comes from different place, different habit and behaviour, different way of thinking, different way in communicate with, different tongue to taste the food, different capacity when go hiking.
How do we conquer all of this diversity?
We used to be a team, used to know each other (know their families and friends, their boyfriend or girlfriend, their secrets and badness), used to respect and help each other, used to solve problem under brainstorming, used to go everywhere and spent days off together. Every little moment in forest project bring us to closer, everyone has their development to be better (for who above 20 y.o like Petra 21, Mercer 21, Blackie 23, and Anita 23 :p), to be mature (for who innocent like me 19 y.o and Lisa 18 y.o) ~ One of secrets I publish, I might get a punch from old people (>.<!”).

      “I’d like to use this chance to know more about forest and how to manage from the conservation into restraint the forest. From this program I also can explore Taiwan’s culture, food, and places”. If you remember those my first post and I would like to answer that I got more than I expected from this Forest Project. It’s good to be international forest volunteer, yay!

Through this I recommend to all teenagers, Paint your life and let’s get close to nature where you can recognize yourself and respect every little things surrounds you

JJ Zita JJ